Corporate Laws

While we focus on enabling transactions between a range of operating structures such as corporate entities, limited liability partnerships, trusts and many others, we do so by developing a deep connect with the business model. By creating an assumption-led notion of the business model based on research, we gather the ability to see the value it can deliver, and thus make sure that the core of every transaction is driven by 'trust'.
• Formation/ Incorporation of Companies including documentation
• Representations before Registrar of Companies (ROC)
• Representation before the Company Law Board (CLB)
• Reorganization of Capital
• Matters relating to the official liquidators office
• Mergers/ Amalgamations/ Liquidations and related matters

Financial Advisory Services

• Debt and Equity syndication of business enterprise
• Preparation of Business Project Report and Appraisal
• Business Valuation and/ or Rating
• Accounting due diligence and legal compliances advice
• Business opportunity and investment advice
• Corporate restructuring and crisis management

Business Modeling And Restructuring

Business Modeling and Restructuring is complex and inimitable process which include variety of intricacies and therefore making any such decisions based on outdated strategies can have a terrible impact on performance and efficiency of the business model as a whole. Our experience and up-to-date knowledge of team allows us to deliver various value adding solutions to our clients.
Our business modeling & restructuring practice help clients to make smooth and efficient business and group structures.

Our services include

• Understanding the existing business structure and advise for a more administrative and tax efficient group structure
• Advice on innovative solutions and structures for implementing new projects
• Advice on Holding Structures for smooth pass through of ownership to the stakeholders
• Advice on realignment of group structures for inviting strategic investments in specific business of the group
• Advice on structuring for consolidation or diversification requirements of clients